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Melanie Tanusetiawan -  known to most as Melanie T. A Melbourne based photographer and digital imaging artist who has just recently relocated to Jakarta. She graduated from RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology) with a Bachelor of Arts in Photography and is well known for her vivid dreamlike imagination.
Her photographic style, using a combination of photo media and illustrations creates ambiguity and surrealism, has differentiated her as an individual.

Her regular meditation into the ‘other’ world, allows her to see life from a different frame of mind. Her deep appreciation and love for simple living, food and people has been reflected through her lifestyle work…. portraying ‘freshness’ like a bunch of herbs, hand-picked straight from the soil. ‘Unassuming’ like the taste of crusty French . 

bread, dipped into a pond of olive oil and balsamic vinegar, drizzled lightly with sea salt. As ‘natural’ as kids laughter when hearing the melody of ice cream truck, coming near by…

She Started her career as a digital imaging artist and was forced to work closely with other meticulously minded creatures, such as graphic designers, photographers and creative directors. This wealth of experiences has helped her develop a strong aesthetic composition and an urge to always create a highly conceptual photographic solution.

Melanie has been actively involved in exhibitions and has won various awards and recognitions, including winner of “San Pellegrino” Award, Fashion Palette Competition, Non-commissioned winner of Australian Commercial and Media Photographers 

(ACMP) for “Bang your Drum” Exhibition. Her photography was also entitled as “Most innovative use of photomedia” at CCP Kodak Salon, Melbourne.

She soon found herself being commissioned for advertising assignments and in 2011, she was appointed as Australian Top Emerging Advertising Photographer.

Melanie’s clientele includes Australian Football League (AFL) Record, Saatchi & Saatchi Sydney, Very special Kids foundation, Maribyrnong City Council, Qantas catering, Avant Card Australia, AGIdeas Design, Loaves & Fishes catering, La Carte Blanche, Volvo, Slattery Media Publishing, Est living Magazine, Registry Magazine, Bravacasa Magazines, Living ETC Indonesia, Fiesta Nuggets, Sinarmas Bank.